HDMI camcorder no signal message

I have a Panasonic HC-V180 camcorder and am trying to use it with webcaster x2. I have all my settings how they should be and I still have a " HDMI no signal" message. I couldn’t find a list of camcorders that are compatible with the x2.


On page 92 of the Manual for this model there are some settings that you may need to verify.

However the wording on page 91 talks about using Playback mode only on the HDMI out.
It is possible, and not uncommon on entry level cameras, that cannot output a live preview and only uses the HDMI output for Playback of recordings.
That should be quick to test, just try it in Playback mode when connected to the Webcaster X2.
Have you tried testing for a live signal on a TV? Or only on the Webcaster?