Getting Error Code 1006 Close_Abnormal

Hi there,

since 3 days we are getting an Error Code while streaming to different plattforms (Restream, Youtube, Facebook, Kaltura):

Reconnection 1 Error Code 1006 Close_Abnormal

We get this code on the Dashboard view at irregular timings.
In the Setup/Streaming-Page we get no notification of an error.
The stream itself is delivered without any problem and works fine on all plattforms.

Does anyone know this problem?


Can you send us some screen shots of the error when it appears?
If you send it over email to could you also send us the logs from the unit and the date/time the error occurs?

Hi George,

its been a while sind my last post, but you’ll find a video and the logs in the attachment.

We are streaming at the moment to 3 different plattforms and get the error message again.

Please have a look

Best Regards

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(Attachment Error Pearl.mp4 is missing)

Here are the logs once again, because the Zip file was returnesd

(Attachment messages is missing)

Unfortunately attachments will not include. As previously request by George, please email with a description of the problem and include any relevant attachments

Hi there,
I have the same problem…
have you found the solution?

The original issue was an encoding pipeline crash. This could be encoding settings related, the configuration on your Pearl, or hardware related. Please send us an email at with the permanent logs of your device, provide a date/time of this occurrence as well as a configuration preset without System, Network or AV Studio settings enabled in the config. We’ll be happy to investigate this further

Hi Luca.

No. We haven‘t fixed the problem yet.

We tried to increase the data-rate of our encoding settings, but the erred ist still there. So far our streams are delivered without problems to all platforms. We only see the error on the multiview screen in the Browser.