Full documentation on serial commuications

I am looking for the full documentation on the serial commands that the Pearl-2 supports. https://www.epiphan.com/userguides/pearl-2/Content/UserGuides/Streaming/maintenance/thirdPartyConfig/man_br_3rdParty_configuration_keys.htm
is nice but it doesn’t mention what the responses are. For example when I send:
What do I get as feedback? From looking at the Crestron module in the application market there is individual feedback for each serial command sent. Where can I download the serial documentation?

The full story for those interested. I have a 2-series Crestron processor I am trying to use to control the Pearl-2. The Crestron Epiphan module at the Crestron Application Market is for 3-series processors. I need the individual feedback from the commands so I can light up the correct button on the screen. For example when the user presses the podium button, I send the above serial command to the pearl-2. I am hoping that the response is something like layout6ack so I can use this as input to light up the correct light showing which layout is streaming.

The user guide you link to there is actually all the documentation on the RS232 commands, there isn’t any further documentation I can provide unfortunately.

The Crestron module is just for the HTTP API I believe, and not RS232 commands. For most of the RS232 commands there isn’t a response at all, like with the SET / SAVECFG commands, these wouldn’t have a response. The GET commands would have responses though, they would return just the value of the key.

That is a horribly designed serial protocol. The other devices I control serially give appropriate feedback. For example, if I tell a TV to turn on, I get PWR_ON back. If I tell the audio recorder to start recording I get @0STRE which tells me that the system is recording. I use this feedback to control the buttons the user presses to indicate that the action took place. The lack of serial port feedback from the Pearl-2 is a real problem for me. I have no way to know if the action I took was successful.

From https://www.epiphan.com/forum/t/selecting-which-stream-on-a-channel-to-start-stop-over-ip/1594/4
I see that the API will be changing in the future. Will serial control with feedback be a part of this? If not, who can I talk to about this? I asked about serial port control before I purchased the unit and was told that serial port control was possible. I was only told half the story. Feedback is a part of controlling a device over a serial port.

Sorry to hear that the existing RS232 commands don’t work the way you hoped for there. We are indeed working on a new REST API! Once this is completed I do expect we will be looking at a new serial protocol also. Unfortunately I don’t have any timeframes for when this might be implemented.

In the meantime I would recommend querying the value of the keys using GET commands to show the state of the Pearl on the Crestron system.

Where is the documentation on the get commands with the responses?

Unfortunately there isn’t any further documentation there. What is in the user guide that you have already read through is all that exists.

I am currently running 4.12.1d and I was wondering if full serial two way communication has been added. Back in March I had a conversation with Matt saying it was on the todo list. Is it still on the roadmap? I have LEDs working because I just assume everything is working. Once I can get feedback from the Pearl2 I can be positive that everything is working correctly.

The Rest API is still on the roadmap and in the works. I apologize however that it is not yet available.

Is there an update about the REST API? We also need some more advanced commands. For example to retrieve a list of events on a Pearl2. Or to get a list of the recordings and deleting them.

I have pass along your feedback to our product team for more details. Can you send us an email at info@epiphan.com with more information about the specific commands needed?