FTP Transfer effecting Dante Connections

Hi Everyone,
We have our Pearl-2’s setup to auto transfer via ftp to our Qnap that is on the same network. If the file size is larger than 200MB any signal that is going on via dante pauses and then continues when the file transfer is complete. This didn’t happen previously on the last version. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks in advance.


Hello Jason,

It sounds like you’re encountering some DANTE issues when a larger file is being transferred over your network, but in some previous version, the issue didn’t exist?

To be certain, do you mean in a previous version of Pearl firmware the issues doesn’t exist, or some previous version of another device that is not made by Epiphan?

How is DANTE being used with Pearl, as we don’t natively support, where are you seeing/hearing the “pause”?

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, in the previous pearl firmware version, I’ve asked multiple staff members, it did not happen.
Dante is just running on the same network as the pearl.
We have music playing over the Dante network, when we trigger the automatic transfer on the pearl to the ftp, the music stops playing. As soon as the transfer is done, the music starts again.

Thanks for you patience - I spoke to our engineers regarding this and as we don’t ingest DANTE, the firmware version of Pearl shouldn’t play much of a role, if any, in regards to the DANTE stream. However, it is possible the if your network prioritizes FTP traffic over DANTE, and the network is rather busy, it is possible this could disrupt the DANTE feeds, effectively the network stops DANTE traffic to let FTP traffic through.

A solution may be to place the Pearl on a VLAN and move it away from the DANTE streams, change the QoS settings of the network/switch, or you can use the upload schedule on Pearl, only uploading recordings during period other things are not occurring on the network. Ultimately, you may need to your network team to dig into this, but if you’d be curious in trying a previous firmware, I’d be happy to oblige.

Please reach out to support@epiphan.com for this, and to for further questions.