From Layer to Layer to Layer to output

HI, Im using a Pearl2 and Controlling the pearl With a StreamDeck.
Because of the easy way of controlling the Pearl by this deck i’am investigating a option to route Layers in to layers. ( this functin is availeble… but do i loos quality ?

Layer 1 for switching camera’s ( INPUTS)
Layer 2 for turning on and of Lowerthirts + (INPUTS LAYER)
Layer 3 for other overlay’s + ( Lowerthirts -> INPUTS LAYER)
So my program video will go to all the three layers.

My question, is this oke or do I loose image and or audio quality?
is there a preferred setting that i need to use in encoding maybe?


If you mean using other channels as a source within a layout, then this is perfectly fine and will not reduce quality in any way. In fact this is a technique we often use ourselves for our own live shows/webinars.

If the signal was going out of the Pearl, and then coming back to be used in a layout, this could reduce quality, but as long as the mixing/combining is kept within the Pearl then this will not loose quality.

Hope this helps!