Flip the camera image horizontally on the input for Pearl2


I do not see any option to have the input camera mirrored as it does for the preview output.
My department is heavily doing instructional recordings with a lightboard; that needs the camera view in Pearl2 to be mirrored on both the input for recording and on the output for previewing.

Is there a way to tweak that on pearl2 or any way that helps?

Thank you.


Hi Isaac,

Unfortunately the Pearls do not support mirroring of inputs. I can make a recommendation to our development team for this feature.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your feedback!



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Thanks for the reply.

Any updates here? This is also needed for recordings that use keyer.

Unfortunately mirroring in the inputs is not a supported feature at this time, noting that a number of cameras may have this feature built into their output settings.

Mirroring at the HDMI output on Pearl is possible, and can be found in the HDMI Output settings

I will check in on the feature request Adam made.