Feature Request: Scheduled shutdown of a PEARL system (still missing ... ?)

Hi there,
in our lecture rooms, the PEARLs are often not switched off in the evening and then run e.g. the whole weekend in the media cabinet - something like that doesn’t have to be!

Why couldn’t the PEARLs be shut down automatically in a time-controlled manner - e.g. if no streaming is currently running anymore ?


Currently, our administrator for the recording technology in the lecture halls has to shut down these devices by hand remotely in the evening (usually via VPN from home!). Very inconvenient !!!

** Or is there any other web access option (e.g. via JSON / REST-API?) which can be automated used, e.g with a CURL program?

Should be very EASY to implement!??

Greetings from Germany !

Hello there!

Unfortunately, there are no API or serial commands available for powering Pearl family devices on/off. You could power the Pearl devices down using the Admin page, then use Wake On LAN to power them back on. WOL is enabled by default in the Pearl-2 BIOS.

However, a batch way of performing shutdown and WOL is currently not available. Sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing.