Feature Request: Additional Touchscreen option "Change HDMI-Output" (*ONLY*)

Currently this “feature” is currently only available by activating the option “Allow control for network settings and configuration presets” -> which gives a user too much control over a PEARL !


If the HDMI output of a Pearl (especially: Pearl Mini) is not required otherwise, you can e.g. an external “NDI hardware encoder” can be connected (PEARL-Mini -> “Kiloview E2 HDMI NDI Encoder”), which then e.g. provides the mirrored SDI video signal from a central camera (in the lecture room) in the campus network. This can be useful for any other HDMI- or USB-input port as well.

In order for the presenter to be able to select the assignment of the HDMI output by himself, he must currently always be given all rights for configuration via the touchscreen on a PEARL (“Allow control for network settings and configuration presets”) - this can lead to ERRORS in the operation.

An new or different option in the touchscreen authorizations is actually missing here … so that a normal user (e.g. lecturer) can only change the HDMI output on the PEARL -> but cannot change the entire network configuration or the entire SETUP !!

Somehow URGENT, right ?