FB post available soon

had a live video to FB two days ago which was watched by a number of viewers. now if we go to FB today to waatch the video again, FB says “video will be available soon”. In the past it has been available immediately, is something wrong on our end?

Hmm, the only thing that I can think of on your end would be either the Preferences -> Continuous Stream setting being enabled which causes issues, or potentially not clicking to Stop the stream and just cutting power, but even in that case it should just delay the video ending. It may just be something on Facebook’s side causing a delay in video transcoding, or perhaps something with the webbrowser, I would recommend clearing the browser cache and refreshing to see if this makes any difference in what is listed.

What issues are caused by having Continuous Stream enabled? I have the same issue as Lloyd mentions above. Our training was 2.5 hours in length, could that be an issue?

continuous streaming enabled tells facebook to completely ignore attempting to convert the livestream to a video on demand (VOD). This is only intended to be used with streams longer than 4 hours

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