" Failed to initialize hardware accelerated video decoder. Consider disabling hardware acceleration."

Hi there,

i frequently see this error when adding a SRT stream as an input (Haivision Hub and other sources)
Disabling hw acceleration does the job.

any advice on this?

Different hardware options may affect compatibility differently. This is not something we have commonly seen and would require a deeper dive into your setup to troubleshoot and investigate. I’d recommend sending us an email at info@epiphan.com with:

  • a description of the issue you’re seeing
  • screenshots of the error message you’re facing
  • the permanent logs of your device and date/time of your testing and adding of SRT source(s)
  • make and model of the specific SRT sources you are trying to use
  • serial number and firmware version of your device

*Permanent logs can be found on the maintenance page of the Web UI, near the top. If permanent logs were not previously enabled, please enable the logs and recreate the SRT source integration so that they can be added to the logs for investigation

Informations sent, thx.