Facebook Videos Automatically Expiring - Webcaster X2

We have been using the Webcaster X2 to stream to Facebook live once a week for several months. The video is available live and then available after as a saved published video in the video section of the facebook page. For the last several weeks, the videos have streamed live just fine, but within about an hour of the stream being over, the saved video is marked as “expired”.

Does anyone know if there is a setting on the Webcaster X2 or in the facebook page settings that could be causing this?

Thanks much,

This issue is usually caused when “Continuous streaming” is enabled. The videos are not saved after the stream ends. Ensure that Continuous streaming remains unchecked in order for streams to convert to video on demand.

That seems to have done the trick. Thanks Mrenaud!

We are having the same problem. Is there a way to retrieve the stream from Facebook even though not converted to VOD?

unfortunately no. You can download a VOD as an admin, but if a stream is not converted to VOD it is permanently gone once the stream ends

OK. Thanks for the information.

Mrenaud, My Webcaster X2 did this today… I have streamed on this box for almost a year and have never set this option to “Continuous Stream.” Why did the X2 enable this option on it’s own?

That’s odd, as it should not be possible to have done it on its own. Is it possible it might have been an accidental click while navigating the Preferences page that went unnoticed?