Facebook security changes affecting Webcaster X2 and X1 (August 1)

On August 1st, Facebook is changing their security policies. These changes being imposed by Facebook will affect how live streaming works for Webcaster X2 and Webcaster X1 for Facebook devices.

For Webcaster X2 customers, we recommend upgrading your devices to firmware 2.16 so that your devices will continue streaming to Facebook after Facebook implements these security changes. After August 1st, you will notice changes to how streaming works:

  1. You will no longer be able to stream to Events.
  2. To stream to a group, the group admin must add Webcaster X2 to the group as an app. See this Facebook online help article for instructions https://www.facebook.com/help/261149227954100

At this time, we anticipate that Webcaster X1 for Facebook devices will continue to stream to Facebook after August 1st. We will be monitoring the change over and will post any issues to the following forum:

Should you experience issues using your encoders after Facebook implements these security policy changes, please let us know and reach out to our support team - Thanks for your patience