Facebook live: The streaming was stopped remotely


I am really happy with the X2 so far.
Unfortunately, I had the following issue 3 times since yeaterday.

While being live in Facebook, the live was stopped suddenly and the X2 displayed “the streaming was stopped remotely”

Could you please help me understanding why and how to fix it?
Happy to provide more details if needed.

Thank you Epiphan team

Unfortunately this message displayed would mean exactly that. Most commonly either something from the Facebook server has ceased the stream or some sort of connection time-out taking place. This connection-time out can be caused by something on your network. It could be low upload bandwidth speed, a firewall throttling the connection or perhaps an issue with the internet service provider in the delivery of the network for your stream/internet at the time

I would recommend running a speed test to determine your download/upload speeds.
If you are connecting to your network using WIFI from Webcaster X2, consider utilizing an Ethernet connection for better stability. If Ethernet is not an option, minimize electrical interference by removing other electrical gear immediately near the X2.
Alternatively, try placing the X2 closer to to the Wifi modem - preferably in unobstructed view

If there is a firewall on the network, consider revising some of the conditions. Facebook streaming is done through port 443. If you did not configure your network and firewall, consider reaching out to the network admin that installed your firewall to assist you in troubleshooting the issue

As a practical test, you can try taking your X2 to a completely different network and try streaming to Facebook.