Facebook live Error Code #12

I keep getting this notification when livestreaming to Facebook (Error code #12 /likes is deprecated). It doesn’t appear to be hurting the stream. Any way I can fix what is causing the error code?

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I started getting this error as well. Just started this week. My googlefu hasn’t turned up anything yet.

Appears Facebook made a change on Nov 2 that is causing the error. I assume Epiphan would have to make a change to the Webcaster software to become compliant to the change.

Hi everyone,

Facebook has made a change to their API which is causing this error to appear for some Webcaster X2 users. In our testing so far we’ve found that this doesn’t seem to affect the stream in any way, it’s simply an error that’s appearing on the Webcaster main menu. We’ve also managed to make it go away by unpairing/repairing or simply starting another stream, though we’re not entirely sure exactly what caused it to disappear so your results may vary.

We will be filing this bug with our dev team but can’t say for sure if a firmware update will be released as the Webcaster X2 has been discontinued for some time and as this error message doesn’t seem to actually affect the stream, it’s not a high priority at this time.

we just got the same error last night in our first stream in quite a while to facebook, but stream seemed to be ok. will try the pairing/unpairing to see if it works. thanks for support.

I’m getting this error too. It’s very hard to get my camera set up because the monitor keeps moving/jittering with the error and stays small with the camera feed (because of the error). And it’s very distracting and stressful.

I’m getting this error. FB forced me to repair last week. This week the stream started but failed shortly after it started. I’ll repair and see if it comes back

Mine is doing it as well. Facebook is always changing stuff. I hate em.

Epiphan Support, we are in the same situation. A small church which recently purchased the Epiphan Webcaster X2 because it was the only affordable option (~$300). The next product offered by Epiphan I could find was the Pearl 2 which was over $2500. The Pearl was also discontinued. I have also spoken to another church which uses the Epiphan Webcaster X2 and they have having this same issue (Error #12). Please prioritize a firmware update for this bug. I does appear the bug is widespread to several Webcaster users. Thanks

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As part of another small church trying to stay connected with our congregation during this pandemic, I would have to agree. The Webster x2 has been an affordable way to reach out from our little church. I understand how it is a discontinued product. It is very unfortunate that Facebook changes APIs in ways that disrupts how access is used. The only changes that I can think of to help all of us who rely on the Webster x2 is if a firmware were to be released that would allow an advanced menu to at least turn off the user of depreciated APIs if not a way to update them to new APIs. By doing so, at least the life of the Webcaster x2 can be extended and allow small organizations who have limited budgets to continue to use equipment that they likely struggled to acquire to be able to reach out to their people during these trying times. An update to assist us would be greatly appreciated by so many who have found the Webcaster x2 to help them in these times.

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We are investigating the issue. At this time the error is not preventing any streaming from occurring with the device, however we do understand the inconvenience of the listed error code in the user interface. We thank you for your continued patience on the matter

Our webcaster has been unstable over the last weeks, it hasn’t maintained the settings for destination and I have to check them each week now. This morning, it exited the application and went to some kind of OS screen that had a webcaster icon on it.

I was wondering why my church was getting this deprecated code as well. I agree with some of the other comments, we are a small church and cant afford the pearl and pearl mini.