Facebook chat problem an request

I am having problems with Facebook live chat feature. Comments don’t show on Epiphan display but I can see them on my cellphone live stream. Tried different accounts. Also as a request will it be possible to see ‘who is online watching’ as its possible on the cellphone and computer live chat feed.

I played with this the other day and have not been able to reproduce the issue.
Could you try and Factory Reset the Webcaster and see if that helps at all?

I have the same problem as Arturo, did a factory reset which made no difference. I can also see comments on my cell phone, ‘see comments’ is checked in preferences, but they’re not showing. What else can I try, would really like to fix this.
I also agree with being able to see who is online

We can investigate why they comments are not showing up. Of course make sure the option to not display them is not checked.
But the names being hidden was done intentionally in changes that Facebook made to the API for privacy/security concerns, I am not sure if we can do anything about that.

It seems unfair that the option to see who logs in on the live stream is only available using a cellphone or desktop/laptop.

I’m gearing up for a bunch of musician live streams from my studio. The performers need to be able to see the comments the entire time they stream because viewers put song requests in the comments. I’ve found that my X2, displays the comments only when a new one has been posted. Unfortunately, the comments then disappear until the next comment is posted. There has to be a way to leave the comments visible all the time.