Extracting video tracks from local recording

I’m trying to extract the video track from a local recording. This recording has 4 video tracks, and i need them in separate files. I haven’t been able to make the Pearl Mini extract the files.
I worked for me to extract the content layer, but i haven’t been able to extract the other tracks.
I have tried in both Chrome and FireFox, but it doesn’t seem to work in either case.
Now i’m trying other solutions, but without much luck.

I need the files for upload to Panopto, which doesn’t support multitrack videofiles.

You must have a solution for this???

Hello Kiel,

Indeed, you should be able to extract your video and audio tracks within the recorder settings using the Pearl Admin Panel. Please see the following guide.


Please let me know if this helps!

I’m sorry, but the interface for extracting videos is really bad.
You do not get a notification of any kind that the video is extracted, neither do you get a notification that a video is being processed for extraction. It does not allow multiple files, so you actually can extract all the layers of your video, and it doesn’t name the layers after extracting.

Basically, this only work by crap-shoot. All my videofiles are being recorded with 4 layers. I have 20 recorders, which are projected to run approx. 20 hours a week - I will need this system again, but this i unusable.

Will you please rework the basic functions of this system?
All i ask is an easy way of downloading the layers separately.

Do you know any way of just downloading the multi layer video and extracting the videolayers to separate files?
I can’t get it to work.
I have tried using: FFMPEG, Handbrake, Premiere Pro, Freemake video converter, VLC.

You are correct that multitrack recorders create a single summed filed containing all the selected channel tracks (video and audio) that require manual separation and extraction, however multitrack recorders are generally seldom used today. The reason for this is due to the introduction of the one-touch function on the Touchscreen on Pearl Mini and Pearl-2.

The one-touch option looks like an icon of a hand pushing a button and will simultaneously start/stop all desired configured channels and streams simultaneously in their own respective channels (no manual separation required.) You can then leverage Automatic File Upload features to automatically copy or transfer the recorded files to network-based or USB-based storage - or certainly manually download the files from each channel recording page.

If your use case does not leverage the touchscreen functionality where access to the one-touch feature is used, There are various API commands which can be used to facilitate your workflow operation. If this is the case, I would recommend sending us an email at info@epiphan.com with a description of your issue, use case workflow and question so that we can dive deeper into possible solutions!

We’re certainly happy to find a more functional solution for your current use case