External USB AUDIO Stereo Adapter on Webcaster x2

I can confirm Sabrent USB Audio Stereo Sound Adapter AU-MMSA works on back USB as Audio Input and output. You can use it to plug in an external Mic or Mixer and Speakers or headphones.

TESTS with the USB Sabrent:
I used a Sony Lapel Mic on the pink (mic input) (Good Sound but low).

I also plugged in a ZOOM H4n Pro to the AU-MMSA USB Sound adapter (pink plug) and was able to control volume of my 4 mics connected to the ZOOM H4n Pro (I Guess this would work also with other types of external mixers)

PROBLEM You cant use USB Web Cam Logitech 920C at the same time. (Im guessing this happens because there is only one USB AUDIO (Beta) Input, and that is ALSO used when you plug in the Logitech Web Cam 920C that has a Mic input…I will try with a USB Cam with no MIC and see if it works.

CONCLUSION. It is a Cheaper or alternative option for EXTERNAL Audio input instead of a HDMI Switch Inserter. I still have to test Audio Latency with two HDMI Cameras using a Seamless Switcher Im expecting to arrive soon.

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I also tried the focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and 2i4 and both worked like a charm. Only problem, the mic was mono on one side of the stereo-field, so I still have to figure out how to solve this. But away from that it worked incl. Phantom-Power for my Headset :wink:

Curious why you are using X2 for audio insert. This my not apply to your situation, but I use stereo small mixer with outputs going to my camera. Stereo audio goes to X2 via the HDMI connection of camera to X2. I also am using a 2nd HD camera going to USB of X2 via Magwell USB capture device. Audio is in sync when switching to the camera via USB.

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I bought an ‘Old 2013 model’ Sony HDR PS200 handycam brand new at an Outlet store for 100dlls. It records in 1080/60i but you can set hdmi output to 1080p or 720p. Great video image and autofocus, but does not have external mic input. Internal mic is ‘ok’ but wanted to plug a better mic. GREAT NEWS on the Magewell for a second camera (makes you wonder… will the cheaper ‘knock off’ versions work?)

BAD NEWS… WEBCASTER X2 failure with the Sabrent USB Audio Adapter. It starts working but then stops. I was able to stream with sony lapel mic. 2nd try, no sound. Changed different USB inputs, same problem.



Sorry I used an old webcam to to record, but the audio from the Zoom H4n Pro is Great.

Webcaster x2 needs everything to be plugged before you turn it on.

I still ordered the BlackBird HDMI Audio Inserter to be on the safe side. (50 dlls aaawgg! :moneybag: … So if anyone is interested Im selling the BlackBird HDMI Audio Inserter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Hey, I´m using the USB-Audio just because of the fact my Sony-Camera (Alpha 5100) has no Audio-input :frowning: But I´m curious, too! What Magwell-Adapter are you using on your X2 and does it work flawlessly? All the best from germany, Jonas

It is DVD to USB or you can buy Sdi to USB. Not cheap but I had it around from a different project. Looks great! I started with the budgeted WebCam but switch to GoPro for the second camera, as consumer camcorders go to sleep or into demo mode which drove me crazy! So you had to always be record mode with the camera. Gopro I can set it to live and be good.

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Here’s the link:

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Thanks for the link. The Magewell seems to be a USB 3-Device. Do you know any limitations using it connected to the USB 2-Port of the Webcaster X2?

Sorry about my tardy response. It works fine for me, but I have had it awhile, so maybe they were USB 2 when I bought it, and the new ones are USB 3? Maybe Epiphan guys can answer this.

Found original packaging, it does both USB 2 or 3.

We have not tested the Magewell models, but I would expect them to work like our own AV.io.
In which case, on USB2 the frame rates are very low compared to USB3. For example, at 1080p, you might see 5-10fps at best on USB2.
This could be ok for slides or mostly still content, but I would not recommend it for a 2nd camera.

I am now not using the Magewell HDMI to USB to improve quality as frame rates are low on the X2 USB.
So I bought the switcher Epiphan was talking about. Like the setup, but I now will need an audio device, as I am not switching with in the X2. So looking at Focusrite 2i2 as audio device, as with the new switcher is switching audio between the two cameras. So I go from mixer feed to main camera to getting the sucking mic of the GoPro, hence needing audio device. You said it worked fine, but one input source goes to just one channel. That would make sense as the device is normally to send discreet audio per input in a track on a DAW. So Mixer ahead would be needed to split one input to both sides. So question is 2i2 worked?

Has anyone used a USB mixer connected directly to the usb port for audio input?

We have not tested any USB mixers directly. Many of them require drivers, which would prevent them from working on the X2.
Something like the Blue Icicle XLR to USB might be another option to consider.

Ok I purchased a Focusrite 2i2 and it work great, it even sounded better the camera preamps. So some background on how we use the X2. We live stream our church service each week. Started with one camera, a JVC outputting 1080p60. Added a 2nd camera, a webcam for our choir loft, and that just plain sucked. So we went to a GoPro and used the Magewell HD to USB (didn’t buy it buy had it laying around from another project). Worked, but not great, due to frame rate issues. So picked up that little HDMI switcher George and company were talking about! Much better, but of course the audio would switch also from JVC which had the stereo feed from the mixer, to the GoPro mic! So the Focusrite 2i2 solved the issue using the USB audio (beta) on the X2 Now we get good audio no matter which camera is called up. Remember USB audio device inputs are discreet, So you really need a mixer ahead of it so you can have on the audio on both channels of X2. Happy Streaming!

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Hi bsanderson, you´re right. The problem with the 2i2 is, that one channel only goes to one side of the stereo-field. So I chose a xlr-cable for my mic with two outputs, which I plugged into both inputs. Something like this: https://www.thomann.de/de/cordial_cfy_03_fmm.htm?sid=1be3d1db7f9849b5e4ef203c58c34896
Now I can plug one professional mic into both inputs and the sound is perfectly in the middle without the need of an additional mixer :slight_smile:

Hey there, yesterday my wife did this stream using Webcaster X2 and Focusrite 2i2 with a 1 to 2-XLR-Adapter and her headset. It worked flawlessly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD0NrFm4QwM

I have just acquired KONIG audio usb
It works but it gives a little noise on the background…

Can you confirm Sabrent has no noice whatsoever?