Error validating application. Application has been deleted

Hi all,

My Webcaster was unpaired with Facebook by mistake. While pairing with other sources like Youtube working fine, it was not able to pair with Facebook again. The “Pair with your account” dialog box was running forever without a code. And I check the FB account paired earlier and coun’t find epiphan listed under Business Integration. Any idea ?

Yep im getting the same thing. And today was the first day I owned a Webcaster. Not a great start since facebook was the one thing i wanted to pair with. At least its system wide and will get a fast fix since lots of people are seeing this tonight. Here is the error code in the screen shot

Hi Tony,

Do wonder if you see epiphan webcaster listed under business integration on your Facebook account ?

I hope Epiphan Video Suport can confirm officially if this is a system-wide issue or just isolated incident. Thanks.

I got the Webcaster today. I simply plugged it into a monitor and mouse and upgraded the firmware then went to the facebook app for the first time. According the instructions thats all I need to do until i get code generated by the Webcaster to connect my facebook account. My knowledge and experience with facebook makes me guess that facebook deleted their app do to some privacy crackdown side effect. Thousands of facebook apps have been caught up in this clean up facebooks image campaign. I’d guess epiphan needed to complete some steps within their app setup to remain functional but failed to complete the steps due an oversite. Or its a simple bug.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Our development team is working closely with Facebook to try and determine the cause and resolve the issue, but we hope to have it resolved as soon as possible

Thanks Mathieu. So it is not an isolated event but affecting all Webcaster x2 products ?

unfortunately yes - but our team is working on it!

Hi Mrenaud, I report the same thing and even on YouTube I have problems with 100 views and 7 likes. I attach photos of Facebook and YouTube errors.

I’m sorry I dont understand what you mean regarding Youtube? I am actively streaming from a Webcaster X2 on the Youtube application without issue.

The API issue is isolated only to Facebook, as the applications on Webcaster X2 are completely independent with separate integration from each other. Can you please clarify?

On YouTube, it does not notify me of the transmission and it does not transmit me either, but it marks me with 100 views and 7 likes, which really do not exist because there is not transmission.

It’s possible this could be an issue related to your Youtube account. I an unable to reproduce the issue with our Webcaster X2 in support.
The Webcaster X2 is actively streaming to my Youtube account, actively listing that I am the one live viewer watching. Everytime I leave and return to the Youtube stream the viewer count increases but the “live viewers” remains 1.

I would recommend repairing your Webcaster X2 to Youtube from scratch and trying again. If the issue persists I would recommend reaching out to Youtube to investigate your account.

To remove the pairing completely:

In the top right corner click on your account Icon

Click on Google Account

Under “sign-in & security” click on “Apps with account access”

On the right-hand side there is a box with “Apps with Access to your account.”

Click on “Manage APPS”

Click on Epiphan Webcaster and click on “REMOVE ACCESS”.

This will completely remove permissions to your account. You can now pair your device from new factory setting

I have same problem with to pairing with Facebook. While pairing with other sources like Youtube working fine, it was not able to pair with Facebook again. The “Pair with your account” dialog box was running forever without a code. Also, all live broadcasts have been removed from my facebook page.
I hope that everything will be restored. I paid $300 for “webcaster x2” to broadcast live on Facebook, it worked well for about 6 months and now it’s a useless toy.


Sorry for the inconvenience here! As my coworker Mathieu mentioned above this is actively being worked on and hopefully we can have this resolved soon! As soon as we hear back with more information we will let you all know.

I have a have a paying streaming job in 2 days, please advise me when this is fixed. Thanks

Hallelujah! Everything works for me, as before. Thank you all very much for the quick troubleshooting!

The pairing and streaming issue to Facebook has been resolved.

Should you need further assistance, our support team is available via live chat from during normal business hours Monday through Friday - or you can email

Thank you for your patience while we worked with Facebook to quickly resolve this issue.

Thank you guys, for quickly resolve this issue!

Thanks, the show goes on.