Error Code: Undefined (screenshot attached)

Yesterday, one of our teams received the following message:

Error Code: Undefined
Server returned error status for obtain of link to video stream

Since rebooting the Pearl, everything has been working fine but I’d like to know what caused this error. Could this be a random glitch? There’s also the slim chance that someone had changed the video resolution while the recording was already started, so could that cause this error? Anything else I am over-looking or should check?


This behavior and error message can appear if the connection between Pearl and that computer on the network has be severed, while accessing Epiphan Live.
This would mean that at some point while in use on Epiphan Live, the Pearl either lost power or something on the network prevented communication.

You can replicate this issue by opening Epiphan Live and then turning off, or removing power to Pearl. Once the power has been removed and the connection has been severed the same behavior should appear in Epiphan Live

I had a feeling it was something like that. I really appreciate the input!