Error #100 Continous broadcasts are not supported at this time

I have had the Webcaster X2 for several months now and have been streaming to Facebook for more than 11 days at a time, before having to stop it for an update to what we were streaming.

A couple of days ago, I stopped the stream to update what we were streaming, and when I went to restart the stream, it said #100 Continous broadcasts are not supported at this time.

The only way I can stream is to do a regular stream (and restart it every 8 hours) which doesn’t work for what I am streaming (a 24/7 live weather data source)

Anyone else have this problem, and when can it be fixed? Or what can I do to fix it?


I’m trying to test a livestream now and have gotten this message as well. I can’t find any information on about facebook maybe changing livestream settings. Epiphan, little insight please?

We have heard these reports, and reproduced them ourselves. The error message is directly from Facebook so it seems that literally continuous broadcasts are not supported at this time. But we haven’t been able to get or find anything from Facebook regarding this. Hopefully they provide some more information on this soon!

I have not been using Facebook with my Webcaster X2, but have noticed something on YouTube.

On YouTube I have no problem streaming to a scheduled event. If I forget to set my Publish Destination on the Webcaster X2 and leave it on Stream Now, when I hit Start I get the message “Unable to Obtain Persistent Stream” (or something like that–not using it now.)

Perhaps YouTube and Facebook are attempting to limit the continuous, 24 hr streams to preserve/conserve bandwith or resources or???

They definitely are trying to conserve bandwidth, most streaming companies are defaulting to 720p currently as an example.

But the persistent stream error is different, this error can be caused by an uncommon bug on Youtube Stream Now. This has been reported to YouTube, it is something they will have to fix on their end. Unfortunately it isn’t something we can solve on our side. The workaround would be to go here: then click Reveal and Reset. This should fix it!

I’m getting the same thing, is there a work around, I can’t even stream now to facebook with this unit??? any help here?

Facebook no longer supports continuous broadcasts. You just need to go under Preferences then uncheck Continuous Broadcast.