Epiphan Pearl Mini + Poly G7500 + Poly E70+Poly Eagle Eye USB

Hi All,

Can i know if ii could use two USB inputs of Pearl Mini to get video from two USB cameras. Then take the HDMI out from Pearl Mini connect it to Poly G7500 HDMI input . G7500 is in native MS teams mode.
Will this work, idea is that i could use two USB cameras to get a single feed from Epiphan.

You can indeed use the USB ports on the Pearl Mini to ingest USB cameras, provided that the cameras are UVC devices and don’t require any special drivers or software to be downloaded to the system to function. It’s not possible to install any third-party software or drivers to the Pearl Mini, so devices that require this to function are not supported.

As for the HDMI output into the Poly G7500, it should work in theory. So long as the Poly G7500 is capable of ingesting a standard HDMI signal you should be able to see the output from the Pearl on it. Only a single USB camera would be visible at a time through this method, and you would need to switch between them on the Pearl to view both. You would configure two separate layouts on a single channel, and then output this channel through the HDMI output on the Pearl Mini.

I do hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions!