DVI2USB3.0 unintended stop

Our DVI2USB3.0 sometimes (1time / 2-3days) stop live capturing.
The LED status is

  1. green (live capturing)
  2. blue flashing (2sec)
  3. Red solid (2sec)
  4. Blue flashing (Over10 sec)

What does this mean? If my laptop has issue, I think the dvi2USB3.0 will be disconnected from laptop and will be restarted. In such case, I think the LED status will off first. But in my case, the LED start blue flashing suddenly.
Could you please let me know what is the root cause of this phenomenon.

Hello Hiroyuki, thank you for reaching out on our forums! You can read more about what the LED indication light means in the user guide here, Indicator LED details.

Generally, when capturing video the LED should be a solid yellow. If using USB 3.0 you should see it blink blue once the driver/software load successfully, and green when it is detecting the video mode. If using a laptop we recommend making sure it is connected to an outlet and not running off battery power. We also suggest going into the Advanced Power settings and disabling the USB Selective Suspend functionality. This feature disables the USB ports after a certain amount of time, and in many cases can cause issues with the DVI2USB 3.0.

Hopefully, disabling this feature will resolve the issue you’re seeing, but you can also reach out to us at support@epiphan.com for more direct help.