DVI2USB shows up as a "Non PnP" monitor when connected to the target's VGA port

We have several setups that are identical as far as we can tell. We are using the DVI2USB 3.0 devices to capture VGA video off a number of laptops using a VGA to DVI video cable to the DVI2USB device. On all but one system, the captured video is at the proper resolution. On one system, the captured video is 1024x768 rather than the native resolution of the laptop video being captured. On further inspection, all the target laptops’ display properties show a second display that is labeled as “dvi2usb”. As these are clean Windows 10 systems with no Epiphan software or drivers installed, this is presumably being communicated via the plug n play mechanism. On this ONE system however, the second display shows as “non PnP” and thus defaults to providing it 1024x768. We tried switching cables and Epiphan DVI2USB devices. We even tried installing the Epiphan software and drivers on the system. Nothing changes. There is no difference in the Windows install or configuration (as far as we know) between this one and the 9 others that work fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello! I’m sorry that you’re running into this issue with your DVI2USB! Just to clarify, the systems that are functioning correctly have no software or drivers installed? Typically, for normal functionality the Epiphan software needs to be installed since it also contains the drivers for the DVI2USB. Without it the expected behavior is that the device is not detected and the LED glows red. When capturing the image what software are you using where you’re seeing the 1024x768 resolution? When trying to capture a different video source, do you see the same behavior?

You are misunderstanding. The system that is controlling the DVI2USB device has all the drivers and software. I am referring to the video source. THAT system sees the DVI2USB device as a non-plug-n-play device. On all the other systems we have connected to, the source system recognizes it as a plug-n-play external monitor and negotiates the correct resolution. On this one system, it forces a 1024x768 resolution. It doesn’t matter what video capture tool you are using. I will collect a couple of screenshots and attach them shortly.

This is the Windows advanced display settings on two computers who have the DVI2USB device connected to their external VGA ports. The first picture is what Windows thinks is attached based on Plug n Play discovery on a system where everything works correctly:

This is the same Windows settings box on the system where things do not work correctly:

Thank you for clarifying! I understand now what you mean. This does appear to be driver related, though it’s entirely possible something else is going on. If you go into the Device Manager under Monitors, making sure that ‘Show Hidden Devices’ under View is enabled, what do you see? It’s also possible there might be a setting in the BIOS that needs to be adjusted, though that is pure speculation at this point.

DVI2USB 3.0 should act nondiscriminatory for the source computer - effectively acting as a second display monitor. Regardless of how the source computer views the DVI2USB 3.0, the only relevant identifier should be the EDID file.

It’s possible that the EDID file on the one device that is incorrectly seeing the source computer is corrupt. As a possible solution, you can connect a working DVI2USB 3.0 to the control system (with no video source connected), open the capture tool software and click on TOOLS > Read EDID from device.

Save the EDID file, disconnect the working DVI2USB 3.0 and replace with the suspect problem device. Then in the capture tool (still with no video source connected) click on TOOLS > Upload EDID to device > select the file downloaded from other device and apply.

Once complete, disconnect and reconnect USB from DVI2USB 3.0 and try connecting the source again.

If the issue persists, verify in the capture tool under Capture > Configure device >DirectShow that no forced scaling or cropping is taking place.

Also under Capture > Configure device > VGA Mode that the standard VGA modes are all enabled and not force-scaling to the 1024 X 768 resolution

Hello Guys,
I am having a problem like that.
I am using a splitter and without connecting DVI2USB 3.0 on the monitor list is showing the correct Monitor on a 1900x1200 resolution.
If i connect the DVI2USB on the splitter, brings the DVI2USB 3.0 on the list monitor and changes the resolution to 1920x1080

How can i fix this?
I want to DVI2USB doesn interfir on the resolution

Thanks Guys