DVI2USB 3.0 Not recognized after Win 10 Restart

We have about thirty DVI2USB 3.0 grabbers all running on the same laptop configurations with Windows 10. We have noticed that some of the grabbers are not recognized after a windows restart. When we do a physical power cycle on the laptop then the grabber is recognized and the status light on the grabber turns blue. Most of the grabbers also perform correctly like this when we do a restart using the Windows restart function but some do not - those that do not have their status light changed to red when the laptop powers down but do not reconnect and do not turn blue and are not recognized by the laptop after it boots…status light remains solid red and laptop does not recognize the device. This happens using the same laptop with different grabbers, i.e. they can behave differently after a software restart…so it is not the laptop or Windows or the cable… all grabbers are confirmed with latest firmware and we did an EDID update on them. Is there some other setting on the grabber that might be changed to fix this? Laptop has fast startup disabled and USB ports are set to not allow windows to shut them down for power management. Ideas?

These are all the same model of laptop? If so I would suspect some small difference with BIOS versions, driver versions, or Windows updates. Any of these could affect USB device compatibility. There aren’t any settings on the DVI2USB 3.0 that might have an affect here, the only thing on the device side that might make a difference is the driver version installed. I would recommend investigating for differences in any of the above to try and figure out what is different on the working systems compared to the non working systems.