Dropped Frames - anyone else having those?

Hello there, atm I´m not going live with the X2 on youtube cause I recognized randomly dropped frames in the stream. The stream-quality is far from looking like a fluent 30 fps, it´s more about 20-25 fps with some glitches. Anybody out there having this problem, too? And what are your suggestions to solve this? Or do I have to wait for the next firmware?

Not something we have seen in our internal testing. Can you share some info your encoding settings and connection speed?
Also, if you have a monitor connected to the output, do you see the same effect there? or only in the resulting stream on YT?

Also, what firmware version are you running on the Webcaster X2.

To see your firmware version, connect a monitor and mouse. Click the “Exit” button at the top right corner to leave the Facebook or YouTube interface, then check the value at the bottom of the welcome screen.

The latest firmware is version 2.8.

If you haven’t already, you can register your Webcaster X2 so you get email notifications when we have a firmware update.

I hope that helps!

Hey, thanks. Can you tell me where to get the update? I´m still on 2.6.15281 . Although I am registered at epiphan I did not receive any updaten news yet :frowning:

It´s also when the monitor is connected on the screen. But up to now I didn´t try without a screen. Currently I´m on 1080 25p, bitrate 4000 and connected via ethernet to my 50 mbits-line (10 mbit upstream).

You should see the Update Available link at the top of the screen (when in either the Facebook or YouTube streaming app).

Read more here:


I’m not sure why you didn’t get the firmware notice. Could you please send an email to info@epiphan.com and request that we add you to the list? I’ll post the notice to the Epiphan News forum as well, so you can see the latest notice.