Device code demanded on every power-up

My Webcaster X2 has started demanding a facebook device code each time I power it up. This requires visiting to enter the code before it works. Is there a setting on my side that’s doing this? Because it now means the device won’t work as easily or conveniently in the field.

i have exactly the same problem with youtube; i have to pair every time i start up using youtube.

Hello! I’m sorry you are having this issue with your Webcaster! It’s definitely not normal behavior, though it’s possible something has changed on the Facebook or YouTube side of things. What I would suggest for now is performing a factory reset of the Webcaster. There are a couple of ways to do this.

The first is to go into the Settings menu, not Preferences, under Personal and select Backup and Reset.

The other option is to use the physical reset button on the device, it is a bit more involved.

  • You need to have a mouse and monitor connected to the WX2.
  • Then unplug the WX2 from power.
  • Using a paperclip or similar hold down the recovery button on the side of the unit and plug the power in.
  • Once the green light comes on you can remove the paperclip.
  • After a moment the monitor should show some options, select “Wipe data/factory reset” and “Yes - delete all user data”, and then “Reboot system now”

It should reboot and hopefully after you’ve reconfigured it everything will work properly. If you are still running into issues you could try to disable all the services that you’re not using, leaving only the ones that you are. This can be done in the Preferences menu. Hopefully the reset does the trick though!