Custom VGA settings disappear

I am trying to capture a slow speed VGA 640x480 signal. It has about 10Hz frame rate. I enter the custom VGA parameters on the capture settings and hit “ok”. However that setting disappears when I close that dialog and reopen it again. The device switches back to standard VGA settings and nothing of my custom settings are to be found next time I open it.

On the settings window do you only have a Close button or 3 (OK, Cancel, Apply) buttons?
If the former, we need to first elevate the permissions of the Capture Tool application, easy way to do this is to exit the app, right click on the shortcut on the desktop, go to Properties, then the Compatibility tab. On there would should see a check box for Run as Administrator, enable that, then re open the app.
Now in the settings pages you should have the 3 buttons.