Costum variables in stream deck

Hi all,

I am working with the Epiphan mini and a stream deck. Now I would like to create a button to address the One Touch All. Do you guys know this variable (code) or does anyone know how I can create it in Companion.

I will thank you very much.


Very interesting question! I will look into this on Monday May 1st and get back to you. Thanks!

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Just letting you know that we are looking into this for you and should have an answer soon! There is an API command for One Touch which is:


And this can be sent via a CURL command. For example:

curl -X POST -u admin:

Please see detailed instructions on how to setup one touch via the companion app below:

  1. add HTTP Generic Connection on the Connections page

  2. add http as “Label”

  1. Click Buttons

  2. Create a button and name it appropriately

  3. Click variables, then custom variables and then add the variables as listed:

True (True variable should be set with the value of “true”)

  1. Navigate back to your Edit Button tab, then add a press action - click the folder to the right of this field

  2. Click http and then choose POST

  3. Enter the following into the fields for the POST action:

URL: http://your_Pearl_IP_address/api/system/onetouch/0/push
Body: {}
Header input: {“Authorization”: “Basic Base64_conversion_of_password”}
Content Type: application/json

here is a base64 conversion site you can use:

If you password is blank, use "Basic YWRtaW46" as the image attached decodes to:


If your password is “password” so your user credentials for the admin login are:


This would convert to base64 of:


and would be entered into the header input field as:

{"Authorization": "Basic YWRtaW46cGFzc3dvcmQ="}

  1. Click the feedbacks tab, click the folder beside +add feedbacks, select Internal and then Variable: compare two variables

  2. Choose the following:

Compare Variable: OneTouchProcessed
Operation: =
Against Variable: True

  1. Choose the desired colour for the “active” state of the button when recording/streaming is active

  2. While still on the Feedback tab, click Add Event and choose time internal

  3. set time interval between 1-10 seconds

**This is how often the state of Pearl recorders/publishers (streams) is checked. This does lead to more system log entries on Pearl side, which isn’t a concern, but could make log investigations a little more “busy”

  1. Click the triggers tab, click add new trigger, and name your trigger (OneTouchFeedback)

  2. Click the new trigger, click the folder icon beside +add action

  3. Select http and then GET

  4. In the GET fields enter the following:

URL: http://your_Pearl_IP_address/api/system/onetouch/0/state
Header input: {“Authorization”: “Basic Base64_conversion_of_password”}
JSON Response: OneTouchState

  1. Click action folder, Internal and choose: Custom Variable: Set from a stored JSONresult via a JSONpath expression

Enter the following:

Delay: 1
JSON Result: OneTouchState
Path: $.result.pressed
Target: OneTouchProcessed

  1. Navigate back to Button, Move your button to the desired pad and test!

Because of the “Feedback” step that is part of this setup, when the state of recorders/publishers (streams) on Pearl is true; running after pressing the one touch button, the button will be red. After the One touch button on your stream deck is pressed and the state of recorders/publishers (streams) on Pearl is false, the button will return to the default button colour.

**Pro tip: Make sure your actions, feedbacks, and triggers are turned on


Thank you so much. I’m gonne try it. Ill let you know.


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Just checking in - how are things going with your Streamdeck and Pearl?

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for asking how it goes. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get it working. Your layout is different than mine. I have given it a rest for now but would like to continue working to get it working.

Might sound very easy but do you happen to have an export file of the one touch key so I can load it in.

I hope so if not I don’t mind at all.

Thank you very much for your time and effort.

Greetings Bas


Hello - I updated the guide for BitFocus 3.0.1

Please retry