Corrupted recordings - the last one - device turn off correctly


I am using SanDisk 10U3 card, not exceeding max capacity, but from time to time, the last file of recordings is corrupted.
It looks like it have problem with counting frames.
Untrunc software helped just a little, about 3 minutes in the start of video goes away. Wondershare helped almost brilliantly, but why should I buy another program?
Is there any rule, how long the device should be turned on after stopping record?

Thank you


This should certainly not be occurring with general use! It’s possible there may be something else going on here besides simply turning off the Pearl too early, but in terms of how long the Mini should be left on, unfortunately I don’t have an exact answer to that question at this time.

The Mini does require some time to “close” the file after recording and this time is dependent on what the file size recording settings are, i.e. what is the size/time limit set on the recording page of the Admin panel of the Mini and how long roughly are you waiting after recording to shut it down? I’m assuming you’re using the default recording format of MP4?

If you don’t shut down the Mini after recording, or wait a very long time, does the issue still manifest?

I will try and get a more concrete answer as to how long the Pearl needs after a recording exactly.

Sometimes issues like this might be cleared by a factory reset, then re-configuring the unit from scratch, i.e. not re-loading a previous configuration preset. Is this something you have tried?

I have had the same issue recently with Nano and Mini. The last file is corrupted and I need to run it through Wondershare to fix it. Do I need to leave the device powered on for a set time before powering off? I have gotten into the habit now of recording another file at the end for a few minutes to ensure it closes off the previous file.

There is a period of time after stopping a recording in which the recording container is in a “closing” state, but the time required to close will vary and depends on a several things; current system activity, size of recording, and speed of storage medium (SSD and SD). Typically, unless recordings are hours long, it shouldn’t take any more than some seconds to a minute or two (at max) for a recording to close, and there is certainly no need to perform an auxiliary recording, although I understand your reasoning.

May I ask how quickly the Nano or Mini is powered off after a recording is stopped?