Corrupt file recording

I have removing power without stopping the recording and now the file is not working.
Is there a way to recover the recording?

Hi Kris,

Many of our customers have had success using this free/open source program which seems to be able to recover the file in most (if not all) cases:

In order for this program to work you simply need a recording that was done succesfully (not interrupted) on the same device, i.e. the Pearl Mini to use as a reference file. The program can then reconstruct the index for the corrupted files using the “good” one as a reference.

Going forward you might want to look into other recording formats which are “fault” tolerant and won’t become corrupted even from a power loss. On the Pearl Mini those formats would be AVI or MP4 Fragmented.

Hope this helps!

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This totally works!!! Thank Adam!

Glad to hear it and you’re most welcome! If there’s anything else don’t hesitate to reach out!