Connecting 3 PTX Optics cameras

is it possible to have 3 cameras connected to a POE switch, and use the Pearl Mini to control cameras ?

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The Pearl Mini does not have an option to control external cameras unfortunately. It can certainly ingest an IP stream from those cameras over the local network/switch, using RTSP or SRT, but there is no option for any control beyond simple ingestion of signal.

This is a request we hear fairly often and I can add your feedback into our feature request roadmap!


Thanks for your reply, I have done this set up with 2 cameras and it works great with the pearl mini. However I have a site that wants 3 cameras and i am curious if it will handle that.


3 IP inputs is certainly near the performance limit of the Pearl Mini. If you are looking to record each of these cameras in a separate channel as an isolated recording that may be too much for the system to handle. Ideally the Pearl Mini would be configured with no more than 2 channels at 1920x1080/30p. An IP input requires more CPU overheard than a physical input (HDMI/SDI) so this should also be taken into consideration. One way of reducing channel load is to reduce the frame rate and resolution of the channels.

You can check on the “Info” page of Admin panel to check system performance as you configure the unit to make sure you are not overloading it.

Ideally we would want to see CPU usage no more than 70%, CPU temperature no more than 70c and if you look further down the page you will see the channel statistics with FPS/Actual FPS. If the “Actual FPS” is lower than the target (first number) then this is a sign that the system is overloaded and the configuration needs to be reduced.

Thank you very much for the information, I am sending this reply to my co-worker who has been troubleshooting a system that was set up with 3 cameras, all connected by ethernet/POE switch, with a Pearl Mini and PTZ Optics 20x Cameras.
This is the first project that had 3 cameras involved, looking back we realize the issues we have had with clients are the ones with more than 1 camera.
Coworker called support today and was told that using the HDMI and SDI connections the 3 cameras would be ok. But you provided some interesting facts that have to be considered.

Thank you