Closed caption CC

Hi Epiphan,

Difficult question, is it possible te encode closed captions within the steam? So not open caption doing by the translate magic you already sell.

So users can turn this on and of by the player.


Unfortunately closed-caption metadata cannot currently be captured by any of our hardware solution so this solution is not available.

Thanks for your responce.

So there is no way to broadcast CC true a pearl 2 at all.
I read that CC can aslo embed in the SDI signal ( Mp4) . So is it possible to add a source ( SDI ) with CC and is taken to t he output on the RTMP?

Thanks in advanced

Unfortunately no, that is still uncaptured metadata by Pearl-2. As previously mentioned above, closed-caption metadata cannot currently be captured. If the CC is baked into the image (permanently there and cannot be removed) it will be seen as part of the video signal, but this of course would not be CC at that point

You can add CC in between the Pearl and the CDN. There are several providers who will rent or sell you the needed hardware and provide the captioning service.