Church using the Pearl2 in Texas

I worked with a church that has one PTZ camera hooked to the Pearl2.

I am going to let them know about this forum and see if they can become part of the community.

Thanks Philip! We have a number of worship facilities that use our products so this would be a good place to talk shop :slight_smile:

Hello, my name is Bro. Tim with Bethlehem Baptist out of Bonham, Texas. I want to share our FB live video because I have noticed it’s a view seconds off between audio and video. Now our YouTube channel is fine and everything is on point. Can I get any feedback regarding my FB live?

The audio and video did seem out of sync there. Is the audio/video sync off if you perform a recording on the Pearl? If so then you can adjust for this on the audio input port page, where it allows for ±300 ms of adjustment. User guide page on this just in case it helps: Adjust audio delay

Very strange if the YouTube live was working fine from the same Pearl. Especially if you are able to record locally without any sync issues. Perhaps this was a bandwidth problem? I would recommend doing a speed test (Internet speed test) to see what kind of bandwidth you have and then set the bitrate on the Pearl to be only two thirds of this to be safe.

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