Chroma key with titler live hit and miss

I saw a tutorial done by epiphan where they used titler live for their lower 3rds. I downloaded the trial and have been playing with it but for the life of me seems like a lot can’t be done. Anything with slight transparency creates green artifacts. Ive played with the threshold and feathering a LOT with no success. It’s just on graphics that have some transparency. I’m guessing that the monitor it’s pulling the feed from to chroma key, when it hits that transparency fade picks up the less green and doesn’t get rid of it all because it’s different from the key color. Now I realize threshold adjustment can correct this in theory but when increasing the threshold if I lessen the fade issues then it also makes the opaque opjects less opaque (as it’s picking up too much color). Not sure how to resolve this. Does anyone use anything with minimal transparency in the design or is that just a no no? Seems like most graphics in titler lives templates all have some transparency as it looks cool in theory. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts. Thanks

P.S. I see an article where others avoid using chroma key and use NDI to the Pearl 2. Can someone point me how to do this? THANKS!