Channels don't start recording at the same time

After downloading the recorded files from a multi-channel config recording and then putting the files on a timeline in Premiere, I’ve noticed that the beginning of the recording of each channel is offset by a varying number of frames. This is suboptimal for me.

Is this just how this device works, or am I missing something?

Thanks for reaching out!

Pearl devices start channels based on commands; it is possible, depending on system activity and load, for the channels to start not at the exact same time, but usually within 10s - 100s of milliseconds. This is similar to starting recordings on different cameras. If bringing these recordings into Premiere, you may need to move the start of the files in the timeline to sync them back up exactly.

For a number of use cases, either all the content is recorded in a single channel, mixing and switching video and audio in a single recorded file. For use cases that require Isolation recordings (recording in multiple Pearl Channels) that require more synchrony in recording start time, you can use the multitrack recorder:

Multitrack Recording on Pearl

You would just need to extract the video/audio streams from the multitrack file after you’re finished recording using the Pearl WebUI or externally. Most post production programs are not compatible with multitrack video files.

Extract video/audio streams via Pearl WebUI