Capturing multiple monitor displays


Does Pearl 2 support capture two screen displays at the same time with one HDMI cable connected to it? Is there any possible way for this to be achieved? For example, a lecturer wants to capture two screens that display PowerPoint slides and Presenter view.



As long as the video source can combine the two screens into one output/cable then the Pearl 2 would be able to capture it. It doesn’t matter so much what the content is, as long as it fits the available specs for that input, by default this is 1920x1080, but could be expanded to 3840x2160 with the optional 4K addon.

In theory you could fit two 1920x1080 screens into one 3840x2160 output on a single HDMI cable, but the source would have to do this before reaching the Pearl, the only way to do this on the Pearl itself would be to connect the two sources separately, each with their own HDMI cables (Pearl 2 supports 4 HDMI sources), you could then combine them into a single output using the Pearl’s layout feature.