Can't access web interface

In the middle of a stream to Youtube my connection to the Pearl 2 web interface disconnected. What do I do? My stream is still going. Don’t want to stop it.

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Hello, sorry that you’re running into this issue in the middle of a stream! Are you able to refresh the browser page that you’re viewing the interface on? Perhaps a hard refresh with Ctrl+F5, if on a Windows PC, will clear the cache and bring the interface back up. You could also try accessing the interface using a different browser. How are you connecting to the Pearl, are you on a wired connection, or WIFI? If WIFI there may have been some interference or the signal dropped and resulted in the connection being broken.

The stream should continue regardless, so long as the Pearl isn’t powered down and it maintains its connection to the internet. Hopefully refreshing the page restores the connection, let us know how it goes!

Thanks for the speedy reply. I’m using a Macbook Pro with Chrome browser. The stream is continuing just fine. I’ve reloaded the page, quit and restarted the browser and cleared the cache. I’m on a wired connection. No luck.

Once I used the touch screen to switch the layout I could log back in to the web interface.

That’s odd, but I’m glad you were able to get back in! If this strange behavior continues it might be a good idea to send in a ticket to This way we can do a more thorough investigation into what might be happening.