Can not retrieve persistent broadcast from YouTube

Just purchased Webcaster X2 for our Church to provide out live worship service to our YouTube account. Installed hardware and it worked great. Went back two days later to train another person. Oh oh, continued to get message: as stated above. “Can not retrieve persistent broadcast from YouTube.” Could not get beyond that. Searching has let me know this problem has been going on for a long time with YouTube, but I have not found a solution. Or will it just go away in one week and all will be good, if not, Help.

The “Can’t retrieve persistent broadcast from YouTube” error is usually caused by an issue with the Youtube account refreshing the API stream key. Typically, this issue should resolve itself within 48 hours or so, however I can certainly understand this is not ideal.
As Youtube has effectively removed the “stream now” option, the workaround to resolve the issue in the moment you can go to, navigate to the Youtube Studio in the top right-hand corner, and create a live event. Once the event has been created you will have the ability to select the event within the Webcaster under “Preferences” and “publish destinations”

Problem resolved. Everything working very well. Very happy.

How was the problem resolved? We have been using this since March and it just stopped working last week. I really don’t want to have a monitor connected to this to select the destination. By adding a monitor, it takes up too much space in the location, I could just go to a laptop and drop the webcaster all together.

I’m in the same boat at a local church. We had the box setup to live stream as soon as it was turned on. As of October 7 2020 this feature doesn’t appear to work anymore… There is nowhere to put a TV and mouse and it is a lot of work for non tech savvy people to create a live stream event and then go into the box preferences and change to stream to the live event.

Unfortunately Youtube has removed the classic dashboard, thus removing the ability of the Webcaster X2 to “stream now”. However, you can get pretty close to the same functionality of Stream Now with just a couple extra steps.

Now you create the event ahead of time on Youtube’s new live dashboard and then select that event from a list of publishing destinations on the Webcaster’s preferences menu

As long as you keep the Youtube Dashboard with that event open (in order to click “dismiss” at the end of the stream) you can keep streaming to the same event over and over again using the Webcaster and each time Youtube will create a separate VOD.

So in a nutshell, once that event has been created and selected in the Webcaster, as long as the Youtube Dashboard is open then the functionality from the Webcaster point of view is essentially the same as “stream now” was. It just requires pre-selecting the event and opening the dashboard on Youtube before starting the stream on the Webcaster.

So in reality, this is saying that the simple use of the Epiphan Webcaster is now gone. Not a good solution. Looks like we will need to move on.