Can A Video File in the Media Bin Have an Alpha layer?

I would like to add a looping animation to our videos with our logo. This would require the video to have transparency. I know I could do this with a green background and chroma key. However, I would prefer not to use chroma since it takes up more resources to do this. Is it possible to upload a video (or gif) to the media bin with an alpha layer instead? I’ve been able to use a static image (as png) but would like to start animating it.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Unfortunately media playback of any kind of not supported on the Pearls at this moment. This is something that gets requested often however and so I will certainly pass your feedback on to our product management/dev team.

In the meantime, the closest you can get to a looping video with Alpha channel is to use an NDI source going into the Pearl 2. NDI supports Alpha channels and so this how we do all our lower thirds or other layouts that need motion elements with transparency.

Hope this helps!