Camlink with Pearl-2?

I just tried to connect a Sony Alpha a6000 through an Elgato CamLink to the USB port on a Pearl-2. I couldn’t get the image. Just looking for something a little better than a USB webcam if possible. I see the CamLink does not work with the Webcaster. Is that also the case with Pearl-2?


Camlink does claim to be UVC compliant with software applications, which means it should be compatible with our hardware devices in theory. USB capture cards must be true UVC standard in order to be recognized and used with our hardware encoders - If there are any dedicated software requirements for Camlink, this would eliminate it as a USB solution possible for Pearl.

The other consideration would be if Camlink is 4K capable/enabled. If Pearl-2 does not possess the 4K license it would not be able to recognized a 4K USB based device. If Camlink is defaulted to be recognized as 4K this may play a part in the device discovery issue

@Mrenaud. Thanks. I am going to be upgrading to the 4K license. If that works I will post here.