Camera Compatibility and Green Screen Setup


I am looking at using the Canon XA11 or XA15 camera with my Pearl 2. My question is has anyone used this camera with the Pearl 2 and shooting with a green screen? I am currently using a Canon Vixia camera and I know its lower end but I still get “noise” from the green screen no matter how well it is lit… So I am leaning towards this camera and it seems to have everything I need for my live training streaming sessions… I assume there is no connection issues since it has HDMI outs … Any feedback would be great!

Thanks for your help

Hi Bryan!

Chroma keying often requires some fine-tuning. It’s not likely to be related to the camera at all. Verify in the layout section along the bottom right and adjust the key threshhold. Its default is often too high. Try lowering it to between 3 and 5 to see if the results improve. there is also edge-blending options as well that you can tweak and play with