Broadcast Interrupted message

Hey guys- We’re a small church and have been streaming to Facebook live for about 3 weeks now. We are using an ethernet cable to connect to our Comcast router and have upload speeds usually around 20-25 mbps with download speeds of around 50 mbps. Our stream usually runs around hour and 20 minutes or so. We do have a video monitor connected to our Webcaster X2 and I also watch from an Ipad on our Facebook page. My question- during our live stream we get several times where we get a “broadcast interrupted” message with some message about not enough bandwidth or something about bandwidth that will display on the monitor hooked to the X2. When this happens, our feed that we’re watching on the Ipad from our facebook page freezes momentarily and when it starts back again the audio is usually out of sync with the video… Any suggestions on how to correct it??

“Broadcast Interrupted” typically shows up when there is not enough information being sent to Facebook (or Youtube) servers in a timely manner. Standard reasons for this would be insufficient bandwidth, slow network connection - possibly issues with the internet service provider - or a firewall that could be preventing the information from reaching the server quickly enough.
If your network is accessible to the public, it’s quite possible that the bandwidth could be reaching its limit during streaming times. If you have a firewall in place, I would recommend verifying that the following ports are enabled: Port 80, 1935 and 443.

I would also recommend running a speed test with your internet when the error message pops up. This could give a better indication if there is throttling of the network.

If WIFI is enabled, but you are prioritizing LAN, I would recommend disabling WIFI.

Thanks for the info… Our wireless network is accessible to the public but it’s password protected and only 5-6 people know the password so at most only 3-4 people would be logged on via wireless during our broadcast so I can’t imagine it being a bandwidth issue although the X2 keeps blaming it on bandwidth… I can’t do a ethernet cable speed test during the broadcast because the only computer we have is running slides for the service. I suppose I could bring a laptop from home and run a speed test when this starts happening. As for as ports being blocked, if this were the case our feed would never get to facebook at all right? 90% of the time it streams fine… maybe 5 or 6 times in 90 minutes do we get the ‘broadcast interrupted’ issue…

Based on the information provided it’s quite possible it could be internet service provider related issues or throttling of the internet. I would recommend doing live stream testing on other days to see if you’re able to reproduce the issue, or if it could be localized to those specific days/time frames.

I am facing the same issue - intermittent loss. I have a 50MBps downstream and 100MBps upstream bandwidth. No other devices on the network and yet the broadcast keep interrupting every minute. I have the latest firmware installed. Is there a way to suppress the “OK” button everytime the broadcast is interrupted?

If the Webcaster X2 is connected via Ethernet you will have a more stable connection than if the device is connected via WIFI. A broadcast interrupted message would be an indication that the information sent from Webcaster X2 is not reaching Facebook servers quickly enough. If upload bandwidth is not a factor then it is possible it could be related to firewall or network restrictions, network interference, an issue with the Internet Service Provider or even possibly a temporary issue with Facebook streaming servers.

I would recommend verifying network restrictions or firewall settings (should one exist) and I would also recommend testing using Ethernet if you have been connected using WIFI.

If the Issue persists, I would recommend testing on a different network altogether to see if the problem persists.

Unfortunately there is no way of ignoring the “ok” notification for interrupted broadcasts.

I am using Youtube streaming. If its related to firewall, it would never stream. In my case it works fine for a few minutes and then errors out.
Moreover, I noticed something else today. From time to time it keeps throwing the google device code as well. Why is it losing the pairing info? I have performed a full reset and also have the latest firmware.

If you are receiving Broadcast Interrupted signals with streaming it would still be network related unfortunately. Have you tested the device on a completely different network altogether to see if the problem persists, as previously recommended?

In terms of the “throwing up the pairing code” can you provide more information? Are you referring to: I have “Pair automatically after reboot” enabled and it occasionally forgets my settings
Are do you mean the unit will suddenly unpair itself while in use?

If you leave the unit powered on and paired for seven days, it is important to note that the pairing code does expire after 6 days.

Hello Everyone, im not sure if this thread is still active because it dated back to 2018 but ill give it a shot! i am using a sling studio to broadcast to facebook live. i have it connected via ethernet. download speeds are 1000 but uploads only 35 which should still be enough… Problem is the feed keeps getting interrupted and lost. This happens at various lengths sometimes as short as 35 min or 45 but mostly at about an hour and a half… Any suggestions? Thank you in advanced

Hello Andrew,

Unfortunately this is the community forums for Epiphan Video hardware device discussions. You’re currently on our Webcaster X2 hardware device platform, so this does not pertain to our devices.

In short, it sounds like you’re running into a bandwidth issue or unstable upload speeds. If you’re using WIFI, switch to Ethernet, and it might be worth getting in touch with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and double check when you get slowdowns or outages. Also if you have a firewall on your network, that can definitely throttle speeds. Good luck!