Blank "no signal" image is black in NDI input

Hello everyone,
i send graphics from new blue livetitler via ndi.
to ensure that i don’t have a “no signal” image if the source fails, a transparent png has been added.
This has always worked fine so far.
I have now updated the Pearl-2 to the latest firmware. I don’t know if it’s related to this. in any case, a black background always appears on my NDI input as soon as I select the transparent png. In the layout screen, the display is as it should be. But not in the channel.
With all other inputs I have tried so far, the transparent background appears as expected.

I have tested again:
The problem only occurs once the connection from NDI has been cancelled.

What could be the reason for this?



Hmmm I’m not sure we have heard of this behaviour before. Could you please submit a ticket to with some pictures of what you’re seeing, including the PNG you’re uploading to the NDI inputs?

We can do some testing on our end to see if that same thing is seen in the latest firmware.

Thank you!

Hi Ryan,
thanks for the answer.
Then i will try this way.


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