Best webcam for the Webcaster X2?

I wonder what the highest quality webcam anyone has successfully used with the Webcaster X2? The Logitech 9XX are ok for what they are, but switching back and forth to a Pana G85 is pretty dramatic. Thought about the Logitech PTZ webcam, but it tends to get poor reviews. Love to hear if there’s a better option.

Generally speaking, Webcam cannot and will not compete with a ‘real’ camera for image quality. The optics are just not where even close. Even in USB PTZ camera it would be hard pressed to compete with a G85…
I have not come across any that can touch a real HDMI based camera.

Kind of what I suspected. They do keep getting better. I wonder if anyone has tried this thing. It’s a converter that supposedly presents hdmi in as a “standard” webcam.

You should get a better image I think, if you use a capture card (HDMI to USB). Not the cheapest option, but even a cheaper 100$ video camera that is connected via HDMI should get a pretty good image with an external capture card (I use a Magewell)

Keep in mind that the USB port on the Webcaster X2 is only USB2.0, most USB capture cards today (including our own are based on USB3.0. Which means at USB2.0 they will not offer the best performance for a camera shot.

Point taken. Although I have an old Elgato capture device that used USB 2.0, and delivered a pretty good image. Much better than a typical webcam. It unfortunately requires dedicated software. I realized after posting that the Elgato Camlink device does unfortunately require USB 3.0.

Apparently the Brio is best in class for now. Tried to check the spreadsheet for cameras that “play nice” but it’s apparently been made private.

It is not a matter if image quality, that would be fine on USB2 or 3, it is a frame rate issue. USB2 simply does not have the bandwith for higher frame rates without compression of the image. Most USB capture cards based on USB3 are not compressed.

We are working on updating the Camera list links to a public version after the old one was changed

any one here have good suggestions for webcams? I’m wanting to get a cheap “second camera angle” thing going someone posted about using C930, but who else is using what?