Best practices to get good audio sync

I just used our Pearl 2 on a major event at my school for the first time on our graduation celebration. I played a one hour long 1080p video from an 2020 iMac 5k in to the Pearl 2 via HDMI and streamed that to Facebook and Youtube Live. I monitored the picture via an HDMI port on the Pearl 2 and a powered speaker out of the headphone port. It took a lot of work to sync the audio up using the HDMI audio delay adjustment to my program monitor. When I looked at the Pearl 2 touchscreen the audio did not sync to it. Which one is the best to use for the audio sync? The touchscreen or the HDMI out? When I looked at Facebook and YouTube they were out of sync. Audio was about 2 frames early. So I adjusted audio delay again to get Youtube and Facebook in sync but now the touch screen and my HDMI program monitor we’re both out of sync. I am really confused. What is my reference? What is best practice?

Hello jmkenton,

You’ve brought up a very good question! The 3.5mm headphone jack on the front of the Pearl-2 is setup to always monitor the audio from the active Channel and Layout. When using a external confidence monitor, it’s important to keep in mind there is about a 80ms-100ms delay between what is occurring on the Pearl-2 and what is seen on the external confidence monitor. Things like extenders and powered converter/adapters can also exacerbate this delay.
So, if you’re monitoring your audio from the 3.5mm output port, but video from a confidence monitor, these two things would be around 80ms-100ms apart from each other.

In conclusion, if you’re monitoring audio directly from the Pearl-2, you should confirm your AV sync from the Touchscreen. If you’re wanting to monitor AV sync using a confidence monitor, set the Pearl-2 HDMI output port to include your Channel’s audio, and monitor audio and video from the external HDMI display/TV instead.

Hope this helps!

That’s a big help Ryan. Thanks so much.

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