Back to back meetings don't show individually in YouTube

I don’t know if this is a Pearl-2 issue or a YouTube issue. I am leaning towards this being a YouTube issue, but I figured I would ask the experts here for help. I have 2 sometimes 3 back to back meetings with only a few seconds between meetings. I know the recording secretary presses stop streaming and the Pearl shows stopped before she presses start recording a few seconds later for the next meeting. When I view the resulting recordings in YouTube it is 1 video instead of separate videos. Is there a way to have back to back meetings with only a few seconds between meeting show up in YouTube as separate videos?

Ah, yes if this is a single YouTube destination then briefly stopping the stream before resuming would just be counted as an interruption and YouTube will combine these together. If you want to make separate YouTube videos here you will want to create separate YouTube events for each with a different stream key for each.

Thank you for confirming my suspicions. As usual Epiphan has provided excellent tech support.