Audio cracking and pitch shift

I am creating a feed from OBS and taking the hdmi output from my laptop to the Epiphan X2, and from there to Facebook live.
I have 2 different audio problems that I need help with.

  1. There is an intermittent cracking in the sound which gets very annoying. I am using headphones to check the sound at my audio interface, and there are no problems there, but you can hear the crackling sound both on television connected to the Epiphan X2 hdmi output, and also on the Facebook live video.
  2. The second problem is that the sound on the Television is about 2 semitones lower in pitch that the sound coming through the audio interface. Strangely enough, the pitch is back up to normal on the Facebook live video. It would be nice if the pitch was correct in the Epiphan hdmi to Television output, but I can always turn the sound down on the television as a workaround, but it would be nice if I could fix that as well.
    Is there any chance that the two issues are connected?

At first I suspected that the crackling was because of clipping, but I’ve checked all my levels, and audio meters, and there does not appear to be any sign of clipping. Even when I have the levels turned down very low, I’m still getting the annoying intermittent crackling.

Does anyone have any ideas that might help?
I really need to get this fixed urgently.

Having the same issue. Trying to stream the output from my Mac desktop. There is a warning about mismatched audio sample rates. Expecting 48k but reading 47.3345.

And I get the same crackling and pitch issues. Audio stays in sync with video just sounds awful.

How can the sample rate mismatch be rectified?


Same here. The Webcaster outputs audio and video correctly to the stream but the HDMI out audio signal is a mess.