Artifacts with DVI2USB3 in live view (and encoded video ofc)

Hi there,

I have artifacts with my DVI2USB 3.0. These are always there regardless of framerate and/or resolution. I mainly use HDMI capture from unprotected source. Device is connected via USB 3.0.
The epiphan software/driver I’m using is the latest for Win 8.1. (But had the same problems with other drivers and another PC on Win 7)

Random position, about 2-6 pixel in horizontal length, 1 pixel heigth; White, black and green color. Did not see red or blue yet.

See picture:


Might be removed later.

What’s wrong?

I have seen this before with bad cables, or bad accessories in between the video source and the capture device. For example this could be a failing splitter, switch, adapter, extender, etc. I would recommend making sure to test with a direct cable from the source to the DVI2USB 3.0, and keep this cable fairly short during testing. Also try switching cables to see if this helps.

Uhm, I randomly used different cables, not the cheapest, but also not expensive ones. Various length mostly between 1.5 and 3m.
It’s currently connected directly to the source. So no accessoires but the HDMI cable. And I have the problem with every source (PC, Xbox, Playstation).
I think it’s an internal hardware problem?! Maybe firmware? But epiphan Capture Tool says “all up to date”.

If you are seeing this with all cables, and all sources, when doing direct connections. Then yet this would seem to be a hardware problem with the unit unfortunately. If the unit is under warranty I would recommend an RMA for replacement. You can file an RMA with whomever this was purchased through if purchased through a third party, or file this with us directly here:

Just a quick “progress” report: Since using Win10 the artifacts are gone, tried 2 or 3 different driver Versions so far. Cable/Splitter setup unchanged.