App not active?

Webcaster x2 has been streaming thru Facebook for years until today suddenly return this error :-

Any idea ? Is it a Epiphan issue that as is “already aware” as the error message said ?

Thanks for all the attention.

Same. have no way to stream our worship. I thought there was a way to do Youtube as a failsafe, but don’t even see that option in the Webcaster X2 main menu. It’s only FB or Meridix

Youtube actually still works for us but it become a two-three steps process in recent month where the configuration are reset after each streaming. So we have to setup everything all over again on each Sunday before we can stream our worship over Youtube using Webcaster x2 :frowning:

Same thing here. We were not able to stream our worship service.

Has this device been sunsetted?

Hello all,

I’m so sorry you’re running into an issue with your Webcaster x2 units - unfortunately, it looks like this issue was caused by a change made on Facebook’s end. We submitted a ticket to Facebook regarding this and are awaiting reply which hopefully comes soon. Please note, the Webcaster x2 and development was deprecated early 2020.

For the meantime, if you have other streams scheduled I would suggest organizing a backup method for recording and/or streaming, or stream to YouTube for now.

If you decide to stream to YouTube, here is a guide you can follow:

Stream Now is deprecated on YouTube so you will need to create an event ahead of time on YouTube using the Manage page in the YouTube Dashboard. Then, with an HDMI display and mouse connected to the Webcaster, you will need to change the publishing destination to the YouTube event you created, similar to how you might choose to stream to a different Facebook group or page.

I’m so sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you,

Thanks Ryan. So glad to hear that Epiphan will look into this. We actually have two Webcaster x2 units running in parallel - one for Youtube and one for Facebook :stuck_out_tongue:

We already aware of the limitation due to Stream Now deprecated. Just that it get worst recently and the symptom was documented in anther thread on this forum. Hope this can be addressed as well.



I guess Facebook has fixed the issue. This is what we saw today :slight_smile:

Thanks Ryan :slight_smile:


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Happy to hear it works again!