Any way to stream a pre-recorded file?

Is there any way to upload a video to my webcaster x2 and then play it into my stream?


That would not be possible with the Webcaster X2 unfortunately. All content has to be ingested “live” from external HDMI or USB sources.


  • Adam

Thanks Adam! So we just need someone to figure out a usb stick that can make an mp4 look like a webcam!

There are some possibilities here, for example you could play the MP4 on a computer with HDMI output then use a USB capture card (USB 2.0 driverless) to convert the signal to USB and use the Webcaster USB video beta feature.

A raspberry pi for example is a small, expensive computing device that would be able to play mp4 files and provide an HDMI output, or simply use a laptop.

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Worth a try! Thanks! (Or I could try to write a linux driver!)

I’ve done this before.